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What to expect at your dental appointment during COVID-19

During this time of heightened concern over COVID-19 (coronavirus) it is of the utmost importance to us that our patients and staff feel safe while receiving and providing care in our practices. In response to the pandemic, we have established several additional protective measures to reduce the risks posed by the virus.

While some of these measures will add steps and some inconvenience to our care, we hope you understand that these changes are for the protection of you, your fellow patients and our staff.


 What to Expect Before Your Visit

  • A pre-visit call to ask you questions about your current health (including COVID related screening questions) and to hear about any dental concerns.
  • We encourage patients to download, print and fill out any needed paperwork from our website prior to appointment to ensure an efficient and quick check-in process. Click here to view forms. 
  • We require a mask or double-layer face covering at all times while in the practice. When a patient arrives at the practice, they will be checked in by our front office staff. Patients and any escort who were not previously screened will be asked a series of COVID-related screening questions. Only those who have been screened as not having COVID-19, potentially been exposed to COVID or having COVID symptoms will be allowed to remain in the practice. Once screened, patients and any escort who will be proceeding into the treatment areas will have their temperature taken and be asked to use hand sanitizer. Those visitors waiting and not entering the treatment areas will have the option to wait in the waiting area or out in their car.
  • We will limit the patient to only one parent/guardian or escort during their visit to help minimize the number of people in our waiting areas.

 What to Expect During Your Appointment

  • Mouthwash and hand sanitizer will be available in every treatment area. Before beginning care the patient may be asked to rinse with antiseptic mouthwash.
  • Your care delivery team will be wearing gowns, masks, shields and gloves the entire time they are with you. These precautions are for both you and the care team.
  • After your care is completed, we will walk you to the door and help you schedule any necessary follow-up care.
  • Any transaction will be handled at the end of each visit. We encourage credit card transactions to limit social contact.

 Steps We are Taking to Keep Our Patients and Staff Safe

  • Increased training and education for our staff about the importance of proper hand hygiene, usage of face masks and proper use of all other personal protective equipment.
  • All staff are monitored daily for any possible COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All patients (as well as any accompanying parent/guardian) are screened for COVID-19 symptoms by phone before their appointments. If we are unable to perform this screening the day before your appointment, the screening will take place upon arrival.
  • Limit non-patient guests to only one parent or legal guardian.